Life of a Gigolo (1998)

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Plot :

A sexy journalist goes undercover to expose the debauched lifestyle of Gage, a male prostitute who sells his body to rich women. However she is soon charmed by his smooth, seductive style and becomes addicted to Gage's sexual prowess. As her jealousy takes over, she quits her job to stalk the streets alongside her new-found lover...

Cast :

(in alphabetical order)

  • Brande Nicole Roderick American model actress
    Brande Roderick
  • Eve Ellis Pornographic film actor
    Eve Ellis
  • Gwen Somers Actress
    Gwen Somers
  • No Photo Female
    Kristen Harner
  • Laura Lynn Hoge American actress
    Lauren Hays
  • Leslie Harter Zemeckis Actress
    Leslie Zemeckis
  • Nancy O'Brien Actress
    Nancy O'Brien
  • Taimie Hannum Pornographic actress
    Taimie Hannum
  • Brad Bartram Actor
    Brad Bartram
  • Mark Ritter Actor
    Mark Ritter

  • Director :

    Leland Price 

    Production Co :

    Mystique Films Inc. 

    Country :


    Genre :


    Year :


    Also known as :

    La vida de un gigolo, La vie d'un gigolo, Egy dzsigoló élete, La vita di un gigolo


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