Onda Nova (1983)

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Plot :

Gayvotas FC is a women's football team sponsored by a professional club. The film follows the joys and sorrows of girls in and out of the fields, their love affairs and disappointments, the difficult relationship with parents who fear that football will "masculinize" their daughters and the betrayal of their boyfriends.

Cast :

(in alphabetical order)

  • Carla Camurati Brazilian actress filmmaker
    Carla Camurati
  • Cida Moreira Actress
    Cida Moreira
  • Cristina Mutarelli Actress
    Cristina Mutarelli
  • Regina Maria Barreto Casé actress comedian television host director
    Regina Casé
  • Tânia Alves Brazilian actress
    Tânia Alves
  • Vera Zimmermann Film actress
    Vera Zimmermann
  • Ênio Gonçalves Brazilian actor
    Ênio Gonçalves
  • No Picture Male
    Luiz Carlos Braga
  • Patricio Bisso Actor
    Patricio Bisso
  • Sérgio Hingst Brazilian film actor
    Sérgio Hingst

  • Director :

    Ícaro Martins José Antonio Garcia 

    Production Co :

    Olympus Filmes 

    Country :


    Genre :

    Comedy Sport 

    Year :


    Also known as :

    New Wave


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    Onda Nova (1983).rar

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