Une vraie jeune fille (1976)

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Plot :

Alice Bonnard is a 14-year-old prematurely mature girl. On holidays they come home to their parents in a sleepy village. It's a period that most hates. Immediately upon arrival, moody and recluse Alice has nothing to say with her parents, and in the evening she starts writing a diary. The next few days he experiences an extraordinary boredom, so he begins to digest with his sexuality and embark on a sexual fantasy. He walks in the courtyard with his pants at his ankles, rides a bicycle without his panties, and starts with provocative looks to provoke the young and beautiful muscles that work for her father on the saw. When the young man she named 'Jim' does not respond to her affection from the beginning, she begins to imagine unconventional kinds of passion with him. Meanwhile, her parents are experiencing their own dramas and twists, and she is approaching tragedy at a slow pace.

Cast :

(in alphabetical order)

  • Charlotte Alexandra English film actress
    Charlotte Alexandra
  • Rita Maiden Actress
    Rita Maiden
  • No Photo Female
    Shirley Stoler
  • Bruno Balp Actor
    Bruno Balp
  • No Picture Male
    Georges Guéret
  • Hiram Keller American film actor
    Hiram Keller

  • Director :

    Catherine Breillat 

    Production Co :

    CB Films Les Films de la Boétie 

    Country :


    Genre :


    Year :


    Also known as :

    Une vraie jeune fille, Истинско младо момиче, Ein Mädchen, Ein wirklich junges Mädchen, Ena alithino thyliko, Ενα Αληθινό Θηλυκό, L'adolescente, Hontôni wakai musume, Prawdziwa dziewczyna, Настоящая девчонка, Ilk sevisme, A Real Young Lady, A True Young Girl, A Real Young Girl


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