Les onze mille verges (1975)

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Plot :

Romain Marchand is a young executive member working with the Crédit Bancaire. He has to supervise a pair of spicy, guilty, challenging operatresses. They are all the most beautiful and the young man can not close his eyes or appear to him in a shape that reminds one thousand and one night. When he reads the book of Apollinaire, it does not get any better. In his daydreaming, the young managerial servant experiences a series of adventures of excesses. He meets charming and handsome women who are very similar to the ladies who are entrusted with care and supervision. And in a dream everything becomes possible.

Cast :

(in alphabetical order)

  • Anne Varèze Actress
    Anne Varèze
  • Bernadette Robert Actress
    Bernadette Robert
  • No Photo Female
    Eva Quang
  • Florence Cayrol Actress
    Florence Cayrol
  • Jenny Arasse Actress
    Jenny Arasse
  • Laurence Imbert Actress
    Laurence Imbert
  • Marion Game French actress
    Marion Game
  • Martine Azencot Actress
    Martine Azencot
  • Nathalie Zeiger Actress
    Nathalie Zeiger
  • Guy Bertil Film actor
    Guy Bertil
  • Jacques Disses Actor
    Jacques Disses
  • Jean-Claude Brialy French actor
    Jean-Claude Brialy
  • Louis Navarre Actor
    Louis Navarre
  • Michel Francini Actor
    Michel Francini
  • Pierre Frag Actor
    Pierre Frag
  • Sylvain Levignac French actor
    Sylvain Levignac
  • Yves-Marie Maurin Actor
    Yves-Marie Maurin

  • Director :

    Eric Lipmann 

    Production Co :

    Les Films Concordia Oceanic Filmproduktion GmbH Planfilm 

    Country :


    Genre :


    Year :


    Also known as :

    11.000 Ruten - Im Rausch der Sinne, Bisexual, 11.000 parthenes, Storie immorali di Apollinaire, O Príncipe Libertino, The 11,000 Sexes


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