Sheer Passion (1998)

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Plot :

A young woman, a police officer, trying to find the killer of her girlfriend, works undercover in a modeling agency. Due to circumstances, she has to change the traditional methods of communication with a criminal for purely feminine.

Cast :

(in alphabetical order)

  • Brande Nicole Roderick American model actress
    Brande Roderick
  • Jodie Fisher American actress
    Jodie Fisher
  • Lisa Boyle American model
    Lisa Boyle
  • Nenna Quiroz Actress
    Nenna Quiroz
  • Sandy Wasko Actress
    Sandy Wasko
  • Shyra Deland Actress
    Shyra Deland
  • Adoni Maropis American actor
    Adoni Maropis
  • Charles Martinet American actor
    Charles Martinet
  • Clayton Norcross Actor
    Clayton Norcross
  • Jonathan Fraser American actor
    Jonathan Fraser

  • Director :

    John Quinn 

    Production Co :

    Mystique Films Inc. 

    Country :


    Genre :


    Year :


    Also known as :

    Paixão Selvagem


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