Scandal: Lawful Entry (2000)

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Plot :

There are many people in the world who do not imagine life without scandals. And, believe me, for them the scandal is a real art. Scandal is akin to intrigue, it has a purpose, and therefore, a plot. Although the life of the brawler looks like a beautiful show, but what if he himself was involved in a scandal and if he did not like it? Glory. Money. Power. Passion. Deception. Ambitions. Temptation. Secrets. Lust. Fantasies. Betrayal. A wish. Revenge. Obsession. What unites all these concepts? The answer is simple: scandals ... He is the prosecutor at the trial, she is the defender of the accused prostitute. But outside the court they are husband and wife who passionately love each other. None of them wants to concede and lose this affair. Family and love are put at risk. Are the spouses able to overcome this crisis and become happy again?

Cast :

(in alphabetical order)

  • Amber Newman Actress
    Amber Newman
  • Gabriella Hall model actress
    Gabriella Hall
  • No Photo Female
    Jill Tompkins
  • Kim Dawson Pornographic film actor
    Kim Dawson
  • Michelle Hall Actress
    Michelle Hall
  • Regina Russell film producer director television presenter actress
    Regina Russell
  • Shyra Deland Actress
    Shyra Deland
  • Brad Bartram Actor
    Brad Bartram
  • Daniel Anderson Actor
    Daniel Anderson
  • Jarod Carey Actor
    Jarod Carey
  • Jason Schnuit Actor
    Jason Schnuit
  • Justin Carroll Actor
    Justin Carroll
  • No Picture Male
    Micah Bradshaw
  • Robert Donovan Actor
    Robert Donavan
  • Steve Curtis Actor
    Steve Curtis

  • Director :

    Lee Cochran 

    Production Co :

    Alain Siritzky Click Productions Oranton Ltd. 

    Country :


    Genre :


    Year :


    Also known as :

    Escândalo - Encontro nos Tribunais, Escândalos Sedutores, Botrányok: A törvény két oldala, Escándalo - Seduciendo a la ley


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