Scandal: On the Other Side (1999)

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Plot :

A sleazy tabloid cable show exposes behind-the-scenes sitcom scandals with the help of a crew of seedy paparazzi, as the show's nymphomaniac host grows more and more obsessed with his guests. (IMDB)

Cast :

(in alphabetical order)

  • Amber Newman Actress
    Amber Newman
  • Brandy Davis Film actress
    Brandy Davis
  • Griffin Drew American actress
    Griffin Drew
  • Michelle Hall Actress
    Michelle Hall
  • Nancy O'Brien Actress
    Nancy O'Brien
  • Sam Phillips American actress
    Samantha Phillips
  • Shyra Deland Actress
    Shyra Deland
  • Brad Bartram Actor
    Brad Bartram
  • Burke Morgan Actor
    Burke Morgan
  • No Picture Male
    David Christensen
  • Jarod Carey Actor
    Jarod Carey
  • Jason Schnuit Actor
    Jason Schnuit
  • No Picture Male
    Johnny Quaid
  • Robert Donovan Actor
    Robert Donavan
  • Sam Williamson Actor
    Sam Williamson
  • Steve Curtis Actor
    Steve Curtis

  • Director :

    Fred Olen Ray 

    Production Co :

    Alain Siritzky Click Productions Oranton Ltd. 

    Country :


    Genre :

    Comedy Drama 

    Year :


    Also known as :

    Do Outro Lado da Questão, Escândalo: Do Outro Lado, Botrányok: A képernyő másik oldalán, Escándalo: Intimidad al descubierto


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