Deadlock: A Passion for Murder (1997)

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Plot :

On the stone-rich publisher of the Passion Magazine, Evan Halloway (Johnston), beautiful beginner Annette (Mejia) and his bodyguard is committed a murder attack when leaving a comic strip. According to police detective Nick Peterson (Jeffery) and his partner Paul (Elliott), this has to be the job of a prosecutor, otherwise Halloway would have been dead long ago. It was only meant to put him under pressure. Now it's about finding out why. The (false) track leads to one of his ex-playmates, Kirsty (O`Brien), who was discovered in the striker and lives on a ranch with her lover Franco (Knotts). Also stripper Lisa (Power) and editorial editor Weller (LaVetta) are eligible, but that is discovered only later. Is it the work of a jealous woman, is it about competition or power within Halloway's Playboy-like empire? The film is a slim pull, which is the middle of an erotic crime story and a soft porn.

Cast :

(in alphabetical order)

  • Ashlie Rhey American actress
    Ashlie Rhey
  • No Photo Female
    De'Ann Power
  • Doria Rone Film actress
    Doria Rone
  • Nicole Gian Actress
    Nicole Gian
  • Shauna O'Brien American model
    Shauna O'Brien
  • Bobby Johnston Actor
    Bobby Johnston
  • No Picture Male
    David Elliott
  • Doug Jeffery Actor
    Doug Jeffery

  • Director :

    Richard W. Munchkin 

    Production Co :

    Royal Oaks Entertainment Inc. 

    Country :


    Genre :


    Year :


    Also known as :

    A Passion for Murder, Leidenschaftliche Rache, Gyilkos szenvedély


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